Thursday, May 28, 2015

Salon De Choix

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Went back to my salon sponsor, Salon De Choix yesterday to touch up my growing roots, treatment, and a hair cut that I've wanted for quite awhile now! And I'm very pleased with the results!! Hehe, thank you Chester once again, for always leaving my hair in such good condition :')

I didn't blog about the previous time I went there, but I did soft rebonding because I was so sick of my wavy hair. Soft rebonding has made my hair so much smoother and manageable. No doubt it is straighter, but I can always curl it with my own curler as and when I want to. 

This was the result:
However, I wasn't really happy with the cut/length as I wanted something completely different from how I look. I've had long hair for so many years now and it's gotten to a point where I feel like I need a bigger change in my appearance. And also, girls like IAMKARENO (youtuber) and Kiko Mizuhara (model) made me wanna cut my hair so bad!!! I saved a lot of their photos in my phone cuz I wanted to show my hairdresser what hairstyle I wanted.


Kiko Mizuhara:

So, I decided to go for it, although a tad bit longer as I wanted to be safe! Even though quite a few of my friends told me not to.. :(

Got my hair dyed a darker tone of ash/warm brown!
And then treatment and a haircut:
I'd like to say I love it a lot!! I feel like a different person hehehehe!

I guess change is only constant and hair will always grow! I can't wait to see what looks I can pull off with this hair :) I'm thinking of dying it a whacky colour next time HAHA, like purple or something. 

Just for my readers, remember to quote 'ISABELLA' for 15% off all chemical services

Salon De Choix is located at:
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 (Opposite KPO/Orchard Central)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduation - Class of 2015

I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM NGEE ANN POLY! *waves hand & throws confetti* 

Bear with me please because I have a lot to say.

Well, for starters, I wish I could say that the past 3 years in Ngee Ann were three of the BEST years of my life but I won't because I'd be lying if I said so. I will elaborate on this later in the post heh.

I actually feel really sad because I can't believe my poly life has ended. I didn't expect 3 years to pass by so quickly, but I'm thankful for the handful of friends that I've made in NP and also, my super super caring lecturers who've always wanted nothing but the best for us. I graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Business Studies and I also received a book prize! :B

Do I regret leaving CJC and coming to Ngee Ann? 


Poly life has equipped me with the fundamental skills and knowledge that I need as a business student. Would I have been able to learn all these in JC? No. I took modules like Business Management, Principles of Marketing, Business Communication & Organisational Behaviour, which has taught me a lot about the basics of business. We take Bcomm from Year 1 - 3. I must say that this module is one of the most enriching modules I've taken because they drill us on things like interviewing skills, impromptu speeches, dining/networking etiquette and boardroom presentations. I honestly think I've become more confident and better at presentations thanks to this module. And did I mention that we had to take a module entirely based on Microsoft Excel in year 1 too? If I hadn't taken this module, I would have died during internship because my internship required me to work a lot on MS Excel. Also, our IS (Interdisciplinary Studies) mods have given me a chance to learn about things that are not related to biz. For example, I took Art & Design in Year 2 and Food & Culture in Year 3. We also had this module called World Issues: A Singapore Perspective (WISP) in Year 3 which equipped me with understanding on current affairs & major global issues. As someone who hardly reads the newspaper, I found this module super useful and eye opening. 

My specialisation, Human Capital Management, has also taught me a lot about HR. I scored A with Distinction for my entire core HR modules heheh. Of course, credit goes out to my awesome tutors and a little bit of hardwork from myself la haha. I did my 6 months internship at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) under the Human Resource, Gaming Ops department. I had the most enjoyable time during internship because I learnt so much. I had the best supervisor, department, team and group of friends working in the same company as me. What more could I have asked for? I got to conduct recruitment drives and interviews, which were things I was very keen in doing under the HR aspect. I had the chance to organise team/birthday lunches and a Christmas party. I also had the chance to go for the Halloween Horrors Night preview and an induction tour of all the hotels in RWS. I would tell you everything that I did/got a chance to do but it's private information so I can't give it out here. All in all, my internship experience gave me a glimpse of what the working world is like. It has also fueled my interest in HR and reassured me that this is a field that I would enjoy working in in the future. So, thank you RWS & NP for this wonderful opportunity :')

If you're wondering why I mentioned above that I can't say my past 3 years in NP were the best, it’s because I didn't make use of all the opportunities I was presented with during my time here. And this is the biggest regret that I have to take away with me. 

If I could rewind and go back in time, I would have changed my poly life:

1. I would have made the effort to make friends

I left NP with a handful of good friends, mostly those that I met during my internship. We were in the same school & course for 3 years, but we only became friends during internship. Hahaha. Nonetheless I'm still thankful I had the opportunity to become friends with my RWS babies because without them, I probably wouldn't have been able to go on a grad trip and I wouldn't have wanted to go for graduation. 

Besides my intern friends, I also made a few good girlfriends (shoutout to you girls Pris, Yi Hua, Jo, Nasiha) who stuck with me from Year 1 - 3. We were in the same project group every semester and we always scored As for our projects hehehe :p without them, I wouldn't have been able to have done well for my group projects. So thank you so much girls, for being a part of my NP journey :')

I feel that I could have made more friends that I could have forged closer friendships with. I have a lot of hi-bye friends that I see a lot of potential in becoming good friends with. However, I didn't make the effort to form these friendships because my main priority was my ex-bf & friends who were not in NP back then hahaha. 

2. I would have joined a CCA & attended more camps in school

This bad habit started in Year 1. I only went for the first day of BAOC (freshman camp, btw). I thought I was too cool for camps lah ok, so I skipped the rest of the 2 days. Turns out, many people made a lot of friends during this 3-day camp, so I was a loner on the first day of school heh. If I could turn back time, I would have went for all 3 days of BAOC.

I had a CCA in year 2 but I stopped going after a few weeks because I got lazy. The only reason why I joined in the first place was because of CCA points. If I could go back in time, I would have picked a CCA that I had interest in, and go for it regularly. Maybe even take up an ex-co position like vice president or president. Sadly I didn't, and I regret because I know of friends who made many many good friends from their ccas. And of course besides friendship, it helps and looks good on your uni application too ;)

3. I would have gone on Overseas Exchange Programmes / Overseas Trips

One of my biggest regrets in poly would be not attending any overseas trip :( 

I really wish I had though because I would have gotten the chance to learn and experience a lot more. In Year 1, some of my course mates went to China for an overseas immersion programme, but I didn't go. I wanted to attend iDare camp also but because I didn't have a lot of friends, so I was shy and thus didn't apply lol. I wish I went because I saw pictures and it looked so fun :( If you guys have the chance, please go for these camps. Not only do you get to learn new things/experience new culture etc., you get to bond and make friends!!! 


Looking back, I regret not making the best out of my time in NP. Unfortunately, I can't go back in time to rewrite the past. But what I can do is offer these words of advice and hope that you bear them in mind as you embark on your polytechnic journey, be it in Ngee Ann or the rest of the polys.

Before I end, I must add that Ngee Ann is a wonderful school with awesome students and lecturers :) I will definitely miss climbing up the hill sweating like mad, buying fried carrot cake and ice milo every morning before tutorial, block 50, taking the shuttle bus even if its just one stop away, walking up the escalator to makan place because some idiot always switches if off, the food (my favourite Henry's western & lemon chicken rice at poolside, chicken heaven at Makan Place and ayam pangang at Munch), the gym (even though I don’t exercise), the lecture halls and tutorial classrooms (I can't believe I'm saying this haha), the atrium (my fav place to study/do projects), sneaking food up to the library and getting scolded, staying back in school after tutorials to do our projects, lecturers who have taught me from Year 1 to 3, and most importantly my friends.

Thank You Ngee Ann Poly, for the past 3 years and this extraordinary experience that I will never forget :’)

Now, please enjoy the pictures that I took during graduation hahahaha.

My RWS babes (missing Daren &Yz)
Pris! I love u!
Nigel!! :)
Jolene!!! :*
Mama :) hehe she bought the flowers for me!
Daddy hehe!
Thank you for coming down girls (and Cedric) :*
The (almost) complete RWS family, Daren didn't come :(
Yi Hua :*
Daryl! Good luck for army heheh!
Selfies w Jolene before the ceremony cuz we were bored haha
Cabbed down to NYP for Genny's graduation. I felt so awkward wearing the NP gown there haha.

Yay, alright hope you guys enjoyed this post hehe :)

Happy graduation and congrats to everyone who has graduated!!!!!!!!!! All the best for your future endeavours and see you in University.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

After Us

Watched this video last year when it was released and stumbled upon it again. Thought I'd share it with you guys :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


To be thankful for the little things: 

- a loving, caring, appreciative & ever so understanding family
- parents who let me do whatever i want to do; as long as they know it's for my own good
- a sister that loves me indefinitely & cares for me
- grandma who treats me like gold 
- cousins who love me and make time for me
- friends who love me as i am and are always there for me, whenever, despite seeing me at my worst state
- a home; with a swimming pool, lush scenery & friendly neighbours
- a bed to sleep on every night 
- a room all to myself, with my own vanity corner and a wardrobe bursting with clothes
- airconditioning in my home
- a dog who loves me despite me not being home majority of the time
- cable tv; so that i can watch every channel
- my macbook; i spend every night using it, watching movies & tv series & updating social media
- education; completing my diploma with an above average gpa
- getting accepted into one of the best universities in the world
- a church and religion that is always there, ever so accepting despite me not attending mass in forever
- acquaintances that acknowledge me; makes me feel like i mean something 
- my favourite bands; music to keep me company on long bus rides and lonely nights
- strangers who compliment me, encourage me & motivate me
- gushcloud; for giving me opportunities i could never get elsewhere
- readers who appreciate my blog & my posts, even though they don't mean much
- for a perfectly able body; i can walk, run, jump 
- for eyes that allow me to see the beauty of this world
- for having traveled out of this country so many times
- singapore; my one and only home  

this list could go on forever :')

I just need to stop complicating my life.

Stop forcing people who don't want to be in to stay, to stop forcing things to go my way, to stop feeling bitter about myself, to stop looking down on myself.

I love me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Andrea's 21st

Hullooo! Hehe, I had such a great day today!!!

Spent my Monday with the girls to celebrate Andrea's belated 21st. This girl didn't wanna celebrate her birthday but how can we not celebrate someone's 21st?!? We decided to surprise her at Botanical Gardens for her birthday but plan failed cos we were all late hahahhaa but we still had a smashing time. It has been so long since we had a day out like this and I'm so glad that we did this. 

I was having a rather moody weekend cos I didn't do much and today really made me very happy! Been spending more time with my friends lately which feels so good cos for the past few years I've missed out on a lot of outings. It definitely feels good to be meeting them more frequently. Also, we've started partying again which makes me feel like I'm 18 years old again HAHAHA. For the past few years I've stopped clubbing but zouk last week was so fun, I guess cos it's been awhile since I actually clubbed. Oh wells! 2015 is starting to look up and I'm crossing my fingers that it stays this way.

On a side note, the universities have not responded yet and it's making me super nervous :( I really hope I get accepted into at least 1 university?? I'm actually super looking forward to uni life! PRAY FOR ME PLEASE!!!!

IJ friends are friends for life :')
HAHAH whats camwhoring without unglams right.. :p
And we always do this when we're eating/chilling because we all end up using our phones if we dont..
We were having dinner at Macs and spotted these cuties! Hehehe A CORGI!!?!

We headed to holland v after that for some drinks and now I'm back home on my bed listening to music and drafting this post.. heheh. I'm flying off in 1 day!!!!! So excited, but I can't wait to be back as well cause someone's gonna be back next week from OBS :B 

Hope y'all have a lovely week ahead and will probably blog about Bangkok when I'm back. Goodnight earthings :)