Saturday, January 17, 2015

S.E.A Aquarium

Hello all!!!

Just a short update on my Friday with Dan. Had an off day so Dan and I decided to head to S.E.A Aquarium cos we haven't been there before. I'm so glad we decided to go cos I really enjoyed myself :) there's also a short vlog at the end so watch it if you want to hehe! 

He stayed over at my place on Thursday night, and on Friday, I decided to bring him to Hard Rock Cafe at RWS for lunch! I come here for lunch often during weekdays because there is a set lunch at $15 nett and it is SUPER worth it! (I'm not advertising for them ok, haha) but I just wanna share it with you guys. It includes a starter (you can choose between the soup of the day or salad, but I always go with salad cos their salad is super good), main course (this changes every week, you can choose from 3 different options), free flow of soda of your choice and finally, dessert (my fav would be the brownie with ice-cream!) Super worth the money right?? AND it's Hard Rock Cafe!!! Think good rock n roll music and nice ambience.. haha. 

As usual, I had my share of salad that day with thousand island dressing!
 Dan had the soup of the day, which was mushroom soup.
We decided to be a little more greedy since the set lunch was pretty cheap, so we ordered crispy potato skin... NO REGRETS...
For the main, I decided to have Chicken Terriyaki! Dan had Beef Lasagne, I didn't manage to get a picture of it though. 
Sadly the dessert for this week wasn't brownie with ice-cream. But Haagen-Dazs is fine too :)
After lunch, we decided to head to the S.E.A Aquarium cos we pretty much did EVERYTHING at RWS before hahaha. And well, I'm there almost every week. 
Here's a short vlog from our trip there! :) hope you enjoy it.

Remember to watch in HD! Ok I'll see you guys soon again real soon. Hope you have a great Sunday! :)


Monday, January 5, 2015

Updates x Salon De Choix

It's been a really really long time since I've done a personal update because I've been so so so busy and caught up with work.. But I finally found time to squeeze in an update right now! :)

I'm finally home after a long day of work! Internship has been crazy! I've met really wonderful friends from my school who are in the same internship company as me, and I'm amazed at how our friendship has formed over the past 4 months. I'm also really blessed to be part of an awesome team at work, and my supervisor and colleagues have been really nice to me! It's safe to say that I'm grown a lot from internship and I actually enjoy it (even though I complain a lot) But I'll save all these for a blog post after 30th Jan when my internship officially ends. I'm extending and staying in my company though, so maybe after that I'll be able to reveal where I'm working at ^^ (but it's not that hard to guess if you pay close attention to my instagram pics haha)

Anyway today's post is going to be a short update about my weekends, and also about my very recent trip back to my hair sponsor, Salon De Choix!

Going all the way back to Christmas, these pics were taken when I went to church for mass with my fam. I haven't been to church for more than a year though and it felt great going back, especially for Christmas because I just love Christmas songs!!!!! The pics look super filtered but it's not!!! It's just that my Samsung has beauty mode and I forgot to switch it off and it was set at 3 which was the maximum zzz!!!

And then 31st December was my daddy's birthday! Daddy is two years older than Singapore so he turned 51 last December :) we went out for a nice simple dinner at Outback @ Orchard Gateway! The food was good. My father, sister & I had steak with 2 sides while my mother had some fish. 

The most handsome man in my eyes :')

And the prettiest woman too :p

Seriously my mum is soooo gorgeous I actually feel ugly beside her hahahahaha.

And my super super hot / cute / gorgeous baby sister!!!

In case you were wondering, I wore this orange maxi from Temt! It was like $7???? 

Yes my sister is freakishly tall.. Ok no la she was wearing platforms but STILL!?!?


LOL @ our faces

After that, Dan and I headed to Jeremy's chalet at NSRCC for countdown. It was also Jeremy's younger sister's birthday :) I haven't been to NSRCC before and that Wednesday was my first time and I'm actually amazed at how pretty the chalets there were!!!! Haha makes me wanna celebrate my 21st birthday there hehehe! 

Presenting some shitty ass iPhone camera quality pics..

And then fast forward to Saturday, I attended one of my closest friend's 21st birthday party!! My baby Annie turned 21 and had a small celebration with all of her closest friends (a.k.a us) and her family. Had a super super super good time with my bunch of girls and I'm so thankful for them :)

IJ Friends Are Friends For Life

Had some pre drinks at her party and then we headed to Vice after that. Apparently it's some new club that took over Dream. I am so not into all these clubbing shit anymore so idk what new clubs are there haha but it felt quite good to club after such a long time!! Especially with good company :p

And on Sunday, I went back to Salon De Choix to get my hair fixed!!! Was super bored with dark hair and it made me feel really boring and ugly (hence, the lack of selfies (imo)) hahahaha. Super love going there on Sundays because I feel like I'm really having a pampering day out and I love how my hair stylist Chester never leaves me disappointed. 

This was how my hair looked before I dyed it! Dark brown with lighter brown at the end and layers! 

I wanted to do something drastic this time. Ok lah, not really that drastic but like a bigger change so I showed Chester @imjennim's hair and told him I wanted something like hers. More to a warmer tone. He didn't wanna bleach my whole head though cos he told me that my hair was very fine and if I were to bleach it, it would be SUPER rough, dry & damaged. So he only bleached the bottom! 

It looks super yellow in photos but it wasn't that yellow in real life haha. And I actually kinda liked it that way!!!!

After bleaching my hair, Chester went into with an auburn reddish brown colour that would eventually fade into a dirty blonde colour :) Didn't take picture of the colour though but after colouring, he would do treatment for me as usual. Since I bleached my hair this time, he did the Enriching Ritual for me!

I swear the treatment smells SOOOO GOOD. And my hair is always SO FREAKING SOFT after that!!!! I love Keratase. It's super awesome I wish I could do treatment on my hair everyday hahaha. 

And the results....!!!!

I LOVE IT HEHEHEHE. Already got compliments when I went to office today. Hahahah. I'll be keeping this hair colour for a longer period of time and maybe in a few months I'll try some whacky colour like blue / purple / green! But for now, I like this colour hehe.

For my readers only, quote my name 'ISABELLA' to enjoy 15% of all chemical services! I promise you you'll have a great time at Salon De Choix cos I always do and I'm not saying it because I'm sponsored. When I go there, I really feel so pampered and happy because I know I'm going to be leaving the salon with gorgeous hair :)

Salon De Choix is located beside the Skate Park at Somerset, opposite KPO:
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great week ahead :D I love you!