Friday, July 18, 2014

Blue Mountains

Hello guys!!!

School is killing me :( I should be happy because we finally submitted our FYP today!!! IT'S OVER!!! LAST MAJOR PROJECT OF POLY EVER! It felt so surreal hahaha. But I have another 4 projects on hand as well as a few individual assignments which I have yet to complete. Also.. a mini test coming up in 2 weeks AND final exams in almost a month.. So crazy. Then it'll be internship already..... Can't believe my poly life is ending so quickly!

Haha, anyway, I wanted to do up my last post for Australia! It's going to be about the 2nd last day whereby we went to Blue Mountains! One of the most awesome days for me. I really loved Blue Mountains... I didn't wanna go back :( 

Funny story: we actually didn't want to book the Blue Mountains tour from our hotel because it cost almost $220 SGD per person for a 1 day tour compared to another website which offered the tour at $100. Thus, we decided to go for this company called OzTrails. I found it kinda weird at first cos why would someone offer a tour for so much cheaper than another company?! Fast forward to the day of the tour, we waited outside our hotel at 8am for the bus to come pick us up. When it arrived, the driver was this guy with dreadlocks and he just looked very.. junkie-ish. HAHAHA. And my mum was like "are they gonna drive us somewhere and then kidnap us?!" HAHAHAHA. It was kinda creepy at first cos he didn't look like a tour guide at all.. But turns out, he was super funny and intelligent and made the tour very enjoyable :)

I also really enjoyed Blue Mountains because the temperature there was really low and it was EVEN COLDER than it was in Melbourne. I also really enjoy sight seeing, and everything there was so damn breath-taking ok! 

Anyway, the tour bus came to pick us at our hotel at 8am! Then for 30 mins, it went around picking other people from their hotels around the city. It was a.. 2 hour bus ride and I slept through out. We arrived at some river place.. can't remember the name omg so sorry I'm so bad at remembering names of places. Hahaha, anyway we stopped here because the tour guide was collecting payment as well as asking us if we wanted to go on the scenic railway (you'll see what it is later on :)) it was SUPER cold until there was smoke coming out of my mouth when I breathed or talked. 

The scenic railway I was talking about: 

HAHAHA, we just had to spend some time camwhoring there cos it was so nice. 

We then moved up to Lincoln's Rock!!! Omg, so scary over here. I have a vlog but I'm not sure when I will have the time to edit it! We were like super high above the ground, on a cliff which had no barriers or whatever, so if you slip and fall, you will (most) probably DIE. And I had a super bad fear of heights :'c  I kept telling my parents to move away from the edge of the cliff cos I was super scared. 

Ahhhh~ I felt like I was on top of the world hehehe.. sounds a little bit exaggerating but I really liked it and as much as I wanted to sit at the edge of the cliff I didn't dare to. 


After Lincoln's Rock.. We headed for the Princess Rock Tracks :) 

Then we went to Leura Town! It's like a little town in Blue Mountains haha. I always wondered how it was like for people who live so far away from the city. The people living in Blue Mountains had to take a train for 2+ hours if they wanted to get to the city (Sydney), and they do that everyday if they live in Leura and work in Sydney.  For me.. I don't think I'll wanna have to do that haha.

Yup.. but overall the town was pretty lovely. We then headed on to Scenic World!!! So exciting :p 

First stop was Scenic Cableway. We took it to get down to some rainforest track. I was quite scared initially cos I'm always afraid the cables will break and the car will drop HAHAHA.

But we made it down safely to walk on the Scenic Walkway! There were 3 different routes but we took the shortest one so we would have more time to go on the other attractions (we had unlimited passes!) 

I thought this coal mine was really cool cos it's not in operation anymore. I've always thought coal mines were really creepy.. cos I've read a few ghost stories about them before haha.

Second stop would be the most famous Scenic Railway which is SUPER STEEEEPPP!!! We took it 4 times HAHAHA!

See how steep it goes: 

Third stop: Scenic Cableway.. THE SCARIEST GONDOLA I'VE EVER TAKEN. The wind was super strong and the Gondola kept rocking side to side and it was carrying 84 people.. I swear I was super scared and just wanted to get back to the stop. 

Hahah, overall Blue Mountains was super fun! I'm so glad my dad decided to bring us there. I really would recommend you guys to go there if you're ever in Sydney, it's a really interesting experience. After the tour, they dropped us at a ferry terminal to take us back to the city :) 

Since it was our last night, we went to this Steakhouse. It was really cheap! $15 for steak + beer!! It was the best dinner of our trip! Had so much fun talking over dinner and eating together. Also, the steak was super super super yummy. And it was so big!!!!! So worth the money. 

After eating, we went back to the hotel to rest for the night. Tuesday morning we went for some last minute shopping before heading to the airport, and back to Singapore!!!!!

Sigh, it's been almost a month since Australia but I feel like it was just yesterday. Super stressed with school & assignments now so I haven't had the time to do a lot of things that I want to. 

I'm also currently hoping that I secure something which can really provide me with a lot of opportunities. And I'll talk about it if there is any good news. *fingers crossed* please pray for me! 

With that I'll end of my Australia Travel Diary :) hope you guys had fun reading it and I'll be back with a new blog layout and new posts soon!!! :D