Monday, November 3, 2014

How to do well in poly

Hello darlings!

Today, I wanted to share with you guys some tips and tricks on how to do well in poly (not that I'm a perfect student with perfect scores, neither have I gotten into a university yet) but I have a pretty decent GPA and I've received TONS of questions on this topic. As shown below, here are some snippets from my! 

And since you guys were so polite in asking me, I figured, why not do it!

Anyway, I did a post on study tips for O levels & N levels before (click here) and I want to mention (again) that I'm not smart (seriously, compared to kids in hcjc/vjc/acjc etc, I'm NOTHING) and I'm not trying to boast in any way by blogging about this. I just want to share some tips to help those of you who lack motivation and really want to do well in poly!

Let me start off by saying that I believe there are 2 types of people in this world. Those that are born intelligent, and those that are very hardworking. I wish I fall under the 1st category but I'm happy being in the 2nd. I am not smart, but I try to make the best out of what I have. Like I mentioned before, my psle score wasn't even cut out for the express stream but I still made it made it to sec 5 and poly! I shan't go in the details about how much I got for psle or n/o levels because it's all stated in the previous post :)

Anyway, for those of you who are new to my blog or for some reason are clueless as to where I'm studying, I'm currently in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, doing my final year, final semester :) I can't believe I've made it this far!! Oh and I'm currently on a 6 months internship for my final semester, sadly I am not allowed to blog about where I intern and stuff but I must say that I love the company I'm working for and I'm handling a really interesting business unit as well. (I'm doing Human Resource)

Poly life did not really start out fantastic for me as I only managed to attain a 3.3+ GPA during my first semester. I was so upset at that time because I always thought that poly was very 'easy' and 'slack'. But like I mentioned before, this is so wrong. Overall, with hardwork and determination, I've managed to overcome that sem and did pretty well for the past few sems, attaining mini awards + scholarships and also got into the director's list for about 3 sems!

Here are some of the things I did in poly that enabled me to do well :)

#1 - Stay Organised 

I always keep an organiser because I'm very forgetful. I use my organiser to write down things that I have to do daily (e.g. do tutorials, read up on lecture notes, research on xxx) I've come to realise that it is always good to write down a to-do list because it helps you remember what you have to do. Also, you can dedicate little sections in your organiser to write down your goals for the semester, which is what I always do. I'll write down what I hope to achieve for each module as well as have a targeted GPA in mind.  As the saying goes, "Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - W. Clement Stone. Believe in yourself and set high goals, of course there has to be actions as well, you can't just set a goal and then wait for something to happen. If you set high goals, work hard and aim to achieve them!

I also ensure that I always stock up on my stationeries and get a nice little pencil case to store my stationeries. Believe it or not, I feel that having nice stationeries actually motivate my to study. Hahaha. After I buy pretty stationeries, I'm always excited to use them and what better way to use them than when doing homework?? Hehe. I ensure that I stock up on highlighters especially because it is always very useful to have your notes highlighted, I find that I study better this way :) I would recommend everyone to do this because having colourful notes also look better than a bunch of black and white papers.

Lastly, if you're doing Business or Engineering, I'm pretty sure you'll need a calculator. I ensure that I bring my calculator to school every single day and for exams! I've encountered many occassions whereby I just forget to bring my calculator in school. It was such a hassle because I've to keep borrowing from my classmates and it made things troublesome for everybody.

#2 - Print, Read & Write

I always always tell people to print out their lecture notes. I will never get why people want to bring their laptops to lectures when it can be sooo distracting. I get so annoyed with those idiots that like to sit in the front row and pretend like they're listening to lectures when they actually go on facebook and play their stupid games. I mean, might as well stay at home and not waste your time/money on public transport to come to lectures right?

Anyway, also, aside from printing your notes.. Write. Like crazy.

During lectures, write like there's no tomorrow haha. In poly, you'll always hear people saying "Aiya, don't need go for lecture one lah, got lecture notes enough already" If lecture notes were good enough then we don't even need lecturers in the first place right..? 

I take down everything that my tutor says because it helps me understand better and also allows me to use examples and links during my exams and project work. By doing this, I managed to attain A with Distinction for every of my core paper last semester :) I just wrote like crazy, gave as many examples as I could and try to apply what I've learnt. I cannot tell you how AWESOME it is to see so many ADs on your result slip. Of course it's not always about the ADs but if you can get it, why not? It's $50 cash for every AD you get (provided you are the top 5%)

Anyway, writing during lectures helps me remember better and it also allows me to study better..! I have so much to write during my exams and I'm never afraid that I'll run out of things to write. Of course, please only write things that are relevant to the lecture and remember those that are important. I suggest that you should try writing if you haven't done it before, and try to print your notes into hardcopies. It is much less of a distraction and is so much lighter than laptops. I compare those of my friends who study using their laptops vs those who study using hardcopies, I can say that 90% of them who do well are those who print out their lecture notes and actually take down notes during lectures.

Sometimes in school, I have friends and classmates who go "wah you damn on during lecture" "wah you damn mugger" but honestly, I try not to think about it or let it affect me because all I'm doing is just studying to get good grades for myself ;) if you don't help yourself, nobody else can.

#3 - Find Good Project Mates

Find good project mates! Projects make up at least 30% of your whole module. So look for people who actually aim to do well for their projects. Honestly, it is not hard to get an A if you actually put in effort to do your work well. I was fortunate in poly because I had very good group mates every semester and have gotten mostly As for my projects. These As can help pull up your entire modules' grades especially if you did not do particularly well during your common tests. 

Of course there were times where I encountered group mates who just didn't care about the project or their grades and were contented with just a pass. In these situations, do not be afraid to take the lead. Take charge and assign roles and responsibilities. I had a module whereby nobody ever talked about the project except me. Every single time it was me who whatsapped the group and said "Guys, our project how?" "Guys, have y'all done your part?" "Guys, when can y'all email me your part?" and even after they send me their parts, I still had to edit and edit and add content and edit and compile the entire freaking slides together. It was hard work but it all paid off. I suggest that you if you ever have group mates like this, just keep pushing and encouraging them! If it does not work out, just talk to your tutor and explain your situation to him/her. Tutors are very understanding and they will always do their best to help you :)

But like I said before, to avoid being in these kinds of situations, just avoid these people in general haha. Find a group of friends in poly that you can depend on and form a good relationship with them.

#4 - Ask & Answer Questions


I always try my best to finish up my tutorials, even when it comes to those that I find really challenging, I'll try to look for answers and volunteer to answer them when I'm in class. Not only does answering questions help you gain participation marks, it also shows your tutor that you're a keen learner. But of course don't do it for every question la, give other people a chance haha if not you'll seem like a teacher's pet (and I hate these people LOL) Just try to answer questions as much as you can. Did I mention that poly tutors don't collect your work and mark them? Yup, that's why it's always hard to know if your answers are right or wrong. I try my best to answer questions so that I can understand which part of my answer is correct/incorrect and whether there are any other explainations that I've missed out. Answering questions is a good way to learn from your mistakes and also share your awesome answers with the rest of the class!

I also ensure that I ask questions whenever I'm not sure. It's ok to make mistakes and not understand something. If you don't feel comfortable asking questions in front of your class, then wait till your lesson ends and ask your tutor if he/she could spare you 10-15 minutes of their time. If they are rushing off for another lesson, you can also e-mail them :) My tutors in Ngee Ann are very very kind and caring so they always respond to my e-mails promptly! If your tutor takes awhile to reply, you can try to call them or approach another tutor who teaches the same module. 

#5 - Do Past Year Exam Papers

I cannot even emphasise how important this is. In secondary school, all of us were always eager to do Ten Year Series and buy past year papers from other secondary schools. Why is it that in poly, nobody does this anymore? 

In my first semester of school, I had Business Statistics and Macro Economics. Both modules that I hated and scored a C+ and B for respectively. I finally realised that the reason why I did not do well for these modules was because I did not have enough practice. All my friends who printed past year papers and practiced them all did reasonably well, scoring As and Bs while I on the other hand scored Cs. After my first semester, I made it a point to do at least 10-12 past year papers for each module. Bear in mind that I never do past year papers for theory modules like Marketing or HR because I find that it does not help. But for modules like Accounting, Finance & Econs, it is always good to do past year papers so that you know what the trend in asking questions is like and also, it gives you ample of practice. 

I have always been very weak in mathematics and I never took accounting in secondary school. In poly, I still managed to attain As for my accounting because I made it an effort to do past year papers. I forced myself to re-do the past year papers over and over again to ensure that I knew how to solve the questions. If you're from NP, you can find the past year papers under Library Resources on the Ngee Ann website. Just log in with your student ID and PW and you're good to go :) I don't know about the other polys but I'm sure you can ask your tutors for them.

#6 - Always have your phone ready

In poly, tutors always have this habit of flashing slides that are not inside your lecture notes, and also, these slides are damn wordy!!!!! I, along with other poly kids are always too lazy to copy the info down so what better way than to take out our iPhones and snap pictures. HAHAHA. It is not uncommon to see students in class taking out their phones and snapping pictures of lecture slides. Also, I use it to take photos when tutors flash out model answers HAHA. Cos usually my tutors don't like showing model answers as they want us to come out with our own answers, so they flash it very quickly. I always ensure that I try to capture it hehehe. 

Also, I do record (voice memo) important lectures like revision lectures just in case I miss out on anything that my lecturer says. I record the whole lecture on my iPhone and when I'm revising for my exams, I can just replay the lecture to ensure that I do not miss out on anything. 


I am a fan of food. I LOVE FOOODD and food is something that can keep me awake if I'm feeling very sleepy. During morning lectures, I make sure that I buy food from the canteen so that I can eat my breakfast while listening to lectures. Also, it prevents me from feeling sleepy!!! It is always good to keep sweets in your bag so that you can just pop a candy in your mouth whenever you feel that the lecture is very dry or if you feel like you're falling alseep! Try to eat foods like fruits and vegetables as well as foods high in protein/carbs to kepe your energy levels up and to get your brain working!! I like to snack on buns and biscuits whenever I'm studying/in lectures :)

Also, H20 a.k.a water is super important to stay well-hydrated when studying. I usually have my water bottle beside me when I'm studying because dehydration can lead to fatigue and lack of ability to focus. I also keep my drinks chilled for added alertness. I found online that you can try squeezing some orange in your water as the sour citrus contains essential oils that reduce anxiety and improve mood, alertness and calmness.

#8 - Dress Comfortably

You'll never see me walking around school in stilettos or heels because I find that slippers/pumps are the most comfortable! I also try to wear loose t-shirts/dresses because these are the most comfortable.

I know it's always good to dress up and feel good about yourself, but I somehow prefer dressing down so that I don't have to worry about anything and I can wake up much later in the mornings. I know students in Mass Comm always dress up like they're going to some fashion show and I admire them for being able to do so, but for me, I just can't. I'm not saying that you have to follow my rules or dress down when you go to school like me, but I'm saying that you should dress COMFORTABLY so that you can study better :)

I also hardly apply makeup when I go to school because I feel like my face gets really oily and sweaty after a long day in school, and that is bad for my skin. Instead, not applying heavy makeup and mascara helps me 'air' my skin and gives my eyelashes time to recover from the thick coating I wear on weekends. I've come to discover that my eyelashes are much thicker and stronger now that I don't apply mascara that often ^^

I also make sure I bring a cardigan/hoodie to school as lecture theatres can be quite cold!!! It's always good to stay warm and feel comfortable so that you can study better :)

#9 - Work Hard, Play Harder

I believe that everything comes with balance. Give yourself time to enjoy as well! You deserve it. 

There were times during my study break whereby I had birthday celebrations and gatherings to attend. In the past, I would avoid going for these celebrations only to end up regretting because everybody looked like they had so much fun. I always believe that it is important to maintain a balance between work and play so that you don't suffer a burnout which is long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. 

I make sure that I prioritise my time well so that I can make it for birthday celebrations and gatherings! It gives me time to relax and unwind after a stressful week of studying. Get rid of all your frustrations and have fun with the people you love :))

#10 - Never Give Up

Sometimes, we all just feel like giving up. I have those days too.. whereby I just don't feel like doing anything anymore and feel like quitting school because I'm just so so so stressed with exams, assignments and group projects. But everyone is going through the same thing as you and some people have it worst, so why not make the best out of whatever you have? 

I always tell myself that I should never be a quitter, for example, my blogshop isn't doing very well but I'm not going to just give it up like that. "All hard work brings profits but mere talk only leads to poverty" - Warren Buffet. As long as you believe in yourself and take the necessary actions, I promise you you'll reach your goals! :)

Nobody is born stupid! I believe all of you are special in your own ways. For those of you taking Os now, I wish you all the best and good luck! For those of you doing your final semester or finishing year 1/2, I wish you all the best for this brand new semester! I hope this post was beneficial for you in one way or another, it might not be much but I hope that by sharing some of these things that I do, it might help you as well. 

For any of my readers in Ngee Ann Business Studies, please feel free to approach me if you need any help with your modules/projects. I can try my best to photocopy my notes for you or share some tips and tricks for certain modules :) you can leave a comment down here or e-mail me. I'll try to reply whenever I'm free! 

Till then, that's all I have for you guys today. 

P.S here's a "What's in my school bag" vlog for you! I know I look completely ridiculous in those specs but hey, just having fun!!!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Hair Sponsor: Salon De Choix

Hello everyone! I disappeared for sooo long, 2 months.. yeah. I've been so busy with my internship and personal stuff so I haven't been able to update this space. But as you can see, I've revamped it in the hopes of it being able to motivate me to blog :)

I've always wanted a hair sponsor as I love and admire girls with beautiful hair! Especially Miranda Kerr because her hair is sooo gorgeous. So, when I was approached by Salon De Choix, I was over the moon! I finally have a hair sponsor - hello beautiful hairrrr ;)
After reading up about Salon De Choix, I found out that they are a very professional hair salon located in the heart of Orchard Road!  Salon De Choix is founded by Sharon Wu, a renowned stylist with more than 20 years of experience. Salon De Choix offers professional hair services and treatment with carefully selected Keratase and Shu Uemura products that will help propel your experience to a new level.

My first visit to Salon De Choix was on 31st August! I would like to thank Salon De Choix for being so patient with me :)

Look at how beautiful the entrance is!? It was the first image that popped up when I googled Salon De Choix!!! (Picture credits to owner)

I was greeted with a 'menu' once I was sitted. Hehe, I chose to have ice water because I didn't see that there was milo :( 

I was given strawberry biscuits as well. I don't know about you, but I love biscuits and the strawberry biscuits were so awesome!! 

A quick look at my BEFORE hair. Super dry, frizzy, uneven.. bleaghhhh! I was actually looking forward to getting my hair coloured but my stylist Chester suggested that before colouring, he wanted to help me soft rebond my fringe as it was really frizzy, and also curl my hair with big loose wavy curls. 

And so we begin!! Chester started off by giving me a hair wash! I loveeee hair washes at salons. It feels like heaven la!! And I don't know why but the shampoo and conditioners that they used on my hair smelled pretty damn awesome. I did not manage to take a picture of my hair wash as I was busy relaxing and enjoying my hair massage :p  

After washing my hair, Chester proceeded on to do the soft rebonding for my fringe. Soft rebonding is different from normal rebonding as it will not make your hair look super stiff like a broomstick. Instead, like the name suggests, it leaves your hair looking super soft, smooth and straight! Chester wanted to soft rebond my fringe because my fringe was really frizzy and I was in the process of growing it out. 

He started by applying the product on my hair and then wrapping an aluminium foil around it.

I had to wait for probably around 10-20 minutes for the product to set in. After that, he washed my fringe and then proceeded on to soft rebond it. This is the end product:

Super soft, sleek, smooth and straight fringe!!! Hooray!! It's been 2 months and my fringe is still so so smooth.. Hehe. Really happy with how it turned out. My fringe looks much longer as well because it is straighter.

After my fringe was done, Chester proceeded on to curling my hair. I requested for big loose waves because I prefer natural-looking waves. If you want curls like mine, I do suggest that you ask for big waves instead of small curls :)

In case you were wondering, the white cotton thingy at the back is to protect your scalp front the heat, so that you won't get burned from the rollers. Haha, I actually really enjoyed sitting there with the curlers in my head.. hahahaha. I had to sit there for around 30-45 minutes :) Chester and his assistant came around every 10-15 minutes or so to check on my hair and ensure that the heat was on. 

After that, it was hair washing time again. Wash wash wash, I think I had the privilege to have my hair washed and head massaged by Chester for more than 3 times.. muhahaha! After doing the curls, I thought I was done for the day but noooo, Chester told me that he was going to help me do a Keratase treatment for dry and chemically treated hair! Woohoooooo~~~ 

But before that, he applied some after treatment to my fringe to make sure that it will stay straight!

Salon De Choix has a wide variety of treatments that you can choose from! Chester chose the Strengthening Ritual for me as I had weakened and dry hair that had just been chemically treated. 

Ready for the end result...??? ;)


I know the colour looks a little bit awful with the roots growing and all, but take that aside and look at how beautiful the curls turned out!!! I actually had trouble trying to style it the first 3 days by myself, but with Chester and Sharon's help, they taught me how to do it myself and I am loving how it turned out :D

My stylist is Chester Soh :)

For my readers only, quote "ISABELLA" to enjoy 15% off when you vist Salon De Choix! 

Salon De Choix
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519
(Beside Somerset MRT Station/Somerset skate park, opposite KPO/Orchard Central)
Telephone: 6836 2959

Hope you girls found this post helpful! :) I'll be back real soon with my next update.. till then, have a great weekend!!!


Monday, October 20, 2014


IN THE MIDST OF CONSTRUCTION.. I'll be right back soon ;)

Monday, August 11, 2014

What am I doing with my life?

Hey guys..

Thought I'd pose a question to my readers (if there are still any left) today.. I was just wondering.. what are you guys doing with your life?? Because I sure as hell do not know what I'm doing with mine.

I mean yeah.. I'm in school, pursuing my diploma in business, getting above average grades. And soon I'll be heading off to internship (somehow I don't think I'm allowed to blog/tweet about what company I'm working) and then off to university (if I can even get in one) 

Then what??

And when I enter university, is that what I really want???

To be honest, a Diploma in Business Studies isn't even something I truly want. My major/specialization, Human Capital Management (if you're confused, HR) isn't want I want either. 

Then you my ask me, "if you don't like then why you still choose business?"

My answer to that is I don't know. 

After O's, I was just in a rush to decide where to go, upon entering CJC I knew it wasn't the route for me, and now here in poly, I'm also sure business isn't what I want to do. Every single time somebody asks me "what do you wanna be in the future/do in the future" I'm so embarrassed to say "I don't know". But I really don't and it's been making me feel really upset and disappointed with myself. If you ask me what I truly want to be, of course it'd be something I cannot attain and will never be able to achieve. Even if I tried. 

Another thing that has been bothering me would be my blog. I mean it's so frustrating, because I've been blogging since I was 15/16 but this blog isn't even going anywhere. I don't know, is it because I am not putting enough effort, not regular with my posts, or is it because I just don't have the content?? 

I'd be lying if I say I don't want more readers or viewers, who doesn't?? If I don't even want readers, why would I still blog in the first place? Why would I bother posting on my Instagram that I've just posted a new post?? It's because I enjoy blogging, and sometimes I really feel that it can be a second career for me. 

In the beginning when I was younger, it didn't cross my mind that blogging could earn me money, get me modeling jobs, give me 'fame' or others perks. But then as the years went by, people approached me to ask me to model for blogshops, sponsored clothes, have nice readers, and now be managed by  This is when I realised this is something I really enjoy doing and am thinking about really taking this blogging career thing seriously. 

But then again, I don't know if it's a stupid idea or not. How does one even qualify to be a "blogger"? Can someone please enlighten me? Sometimes in school and all or even with my friends, I get them saying things like "Eh you blog right, you're a blogger" etc. And I don't know what to reply to that. Am I?? I don't have much views, I only have ~3k followers on Instagram.. does that even qualify? 

 It's so embarrassing sometimes when people ask like "how many viewers you have" "how many people read your blog??" and I have to go like oh.. "only xxk la" as compared to other bloggers who have xxxk. Or if they ask me things like "how much money do you earn from blogging" for me, it's not even consistent. TBH, I don't even earn a single shit except from advertorials and modeling jobs. Everyone always say "oh so good leh you always get free stuff" etc. but do you know for all the amount of effort I put into my blog, these "free stuff" means nothing to me. 

Today, there are so many "bloggers" around.. they are much more famous, prettier, skinnier, taller and dress way nicer than me. It's hard to stand out and be different. It's hard to gain a following because everyone else is already one step ahead of me. Everyone is competing with one another to get more followers, more sponsors, just more of everything. And here I am, a little mouse trying to fit into the queue. 

I guess I'm just confused. I don't know what to do with this blog of mine, or my life. I don't know if I should continue to pursue business in university just because its the "safest degree", or if I should follow my heart and do something else related to the media industry. I don't know if I should continue blogging to see where this journey will lead, or if I should just stop once and for all cos it isn't going anywhere (if you can't already tell, I've lost most of my motivation to even blog)

I don't know I don't know I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I guess I just need some advice and reassurance on what to do. And I wanna know if anyone of you are in similar situations as me (i.e. being confused with what you wanna do in life) 

Sorry for this pointless rant. Just needed to get this off my chest.

I'll be heading to bed now because it's exactly 2 weeks to my exams and I need sleep to study. Goodnight y'all! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blue Mountains

Hello guys!!!

School is killing me :( I should be happy because we finally submitted our FYP today!!! IT'S OVER!!! LAST MAJOR PROJECT OF POLY EVER! It felt so surreal hahaha. But I have another 4 projects on hand as well as a few individual assignments which I have yet to complete. Also.. a mini test coming up in 2 weeks AND final exams in almost a month.. So crazy. Then it'll be internship already..... Can't believe my poly life is ending so quickly!

Haha, anyway, I wanted to do up my last post for Australia! It's going to be about the 2nd last day whereby we went to Blue Mountains! One of the most awesome days for me. I really loved Blue Mountains... I didn't wanna go back :( 

Funny story: we actually didn't want to book the Blue Mountains tour from our hotel because it cost almost $220 SGD per person for a 1 day tour compared to another website which offered the tour at $100. Thus, we decided to go for this company called OzTrails. I found it kinda weird at first cos why would someone offer a tour for so much cheaper than another company?! Fast forward to the day of the tour, we waited outside our hotel at 8am for the bus to come pick us up. When it arrived, the driver was this guy with dreadlocks and he just looked very.. junkie-ish. HAHAHA. And my mum was like "are they gonna drive us somewhere and then kidnap us?!" HAHAHAHA. It was kinda creepy at first cos he didn't look like a tour guide at all.. But turns out, he was super funny and intelligent and made the tour very enjoyable :)

I also really enjoyed Blue Mountains because the temperature there was really low and it was EVEN COLDER than it was in Melbourne. I also really enjoy sight seeing, and everything there was so damn breath-taking ok! 

Anyway, the tour bus came to pick us at our hotel at 8am! Then for 30 mins, it went around picking other people from their hotels around the city. It was a.. 2 hour bus ride and I slept through out. We arrived at some river place.. can't remember the name omg so sorry I'm so bad at remembering names of places. Hahaha, anyway we stopped here because the tour guide was collecting payment as well as asking us if we wanted to go on the scenic railway (you'll see what it is later on :)) it was SUPER cold until there was smoke coming out of my mouth when I breathed or talked. 

The scenic railway I was talking about: 

HAHAHA, we just had to spend some time camwhoring there cos it was so nice. 

We then moved up to Lincoln's Rock!!! Omg, so scary over here. I have a vlog but I'm not sure when I will have the time to edit it! We were like super high above the ground, on a cliff which had no barriers or whatever, so if you slip and fall, you will (most) probably DIE. And I had a super bad fear of heights :'c  I kept telling my parents to move away from the edge of the cliff cos I was super scared. 

Ahhhh~ I felt like I was on top of the world hehehe.. sounds a little bit exaggerating but I really liked it and as much as I wanted to sit at the edge of the cliff I didn't dare to. 


After Lincoln's Rock.. We headed for the Princess Rock Tracks :) 

Then we went to Leura Town! It's like a little town in Blue Mountains haha. I always wondered how it was like for people who live so far away from the city. The people living in Blue Mountains had to take a train for 2+ hours if they wanted to get to the city (Sydney), and they do that everyday if they live in Leura and work in Sydney.  For me.. I don't think I'll wanna have to do that haha.

Yup.. but overall the town was pretty lovely. We then headed on to Scenic World!!! So exciting :p 

First stop was Scenic Cableway. We took it to get down to some rainforest track. I was quite scared initially cos I'm always afraid the cables will break and the car will drop HAHAHA.

But we made it down safely to walk on the Scenic Walkway! There were 3 different routes but we took the shortest one so we would have more time to go on the other attractions (we had unlimited passes!) 

I thought this coal mine was really cool cos it's not in operation anymore. I've always thought coal mines were really creepy.. cos I've read a few ghost stories about them before haha.

Second stop would be the most famous Scenic Railway which is SUPER STEEEEPPP!!! We took it 4 times HAHAHA!

See how steep it goes: 

Third stop: Scenic Cableway.. THE SCARIEST GONDOLA I'VE EVER TAKEN. The wind was super strong and the Gondola kept rocking side to side and it was carrying 84 people.. I swear I was super scared and just wanted to get back to the stop. 

Hahah, overall Blue Mountains was super fun! I'm so glad my dad decided to bring us there. I really would recommend you guys to go there if you're ever in Sydney, it's a really interesting experience. After the tour, they dropped us at a ferry terminal to take us back to the city :) 

Since it was our last night, we went to this Steakhouse. It was really cheap! $15 for steak + beer!! It was the best dinner of our trip! Had so much fun talking over dinner and eating together. Also, the steak was super super super yummy. And it was so big!!!!! So worth the money. 

After eating, we went back to the hotel to rest for the night. Tuesday morning we went for some last minute shopping before heading to the airport, and back to Singapore!!!!!

Sigh, it's been almost a month since Australia but I feel like it was just yesterday. Super stressed with school & assignments now so I haven't had the time to do a lot of things that I want to. 

I'm also currently hoping that I secure something which can really provide me with a lot of opportunities. And I'll talk about it if there is any good news. *fingers crossed* please pray for me! 

With that I'll end of my Australia Travel Diary :) hope you guys had fun reading it and I'll be back with a new blog layout and new posts soon!!! :D