Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mini haul vlog

Thank you for being so patient with me. New post tomorrow night! Hope you enjoy this one! 

Lots of love,

p.s remember to watch in HD!

Monday, March 17, 2014

!!!quick selling post!!!

I just wanna clear this stuff. Non-nego. DONT ASK. Postage/meetups to my convenience. 

Leave a comment with your handphone number please, I'm too lazy to go through emails. 

Daisy bustier from - size S, $20
Lace shorts - freesize, $15

TEM bird printed v-back romper - $18

White daisy chiffon top - $8

White lace dress - $18 (pending)

Pink lace top - $15

White eyelet crop top - $15

White lace top - $15

F21 foral dress (low back) - $15 
Short for girls who are > 160cm

One Teaspoon Nastygal high roller shorts (fits uk10 and above) - $40

TEM beige dress - $15

White eyelet tube crop top - $15

Comfy runner long pants - $15

All these for now!! check back again soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm back x New vlog

Hey guys! I'm finally back.. yes no more procrastinating.. I'm sorry because I HAVE BEEN SO SO SO BUSY! I'm not even lying.. time is so precious for me this holidays but I promise you I will try my best to blog and vlog as MUCH AS I CAN!

And also, I will be going away for a camp tmr till Friday. Remember I said in my previous blog I wanted to do something different this year? Yeah, I actually am going to participate in a camp, it's basically by a company called Positive Intentions. This camp is conducted for all the sec 5s in my school (STC) I myself have also been through this camp before and I'm going to be a facilitator this time!!! Quite excited but kinda nervous.. We'll be going to the old folks' home, IMH, chai chee estate etc, we'll be helping out and all and I'm honestly quite excited and can't wait to finish this camp as well! :) Wish me luck guys!! Will try to take pics and blog ok!

Anyways, I made a video today, it's my first time and it's the first series of my 'Outfits' vlog! I'm just showing you four different ways I wear my black lace runner shorts :) I'm not a fashionista or whatsoever so this may not be your cup of tea but yeah I was just trying something new out! I hope that you guys would like this video and please tell me more videos that you'd like to see. You can watch the video in HD btw :)

Have fun watching it! I'll blog this weekend, I PROMISE :)

***PS: I don't know why its so blur on mobile and you cannot change the settings so try watching it on your laptops as you can change it to HD720***

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nails For A Cause

Hey guys! Dropping a post to let you guys know more about an event called Nails For A Cause coming up!

15 Feb, 2014

Parkway will be launching an app to celebrate women on 15 Feb, where you, shoppers can vote their most inspiring women and share on facebook via the link:  to stand a chance in winning the Destinee Serendipity pendant with chain from Lee Hwa Jewellery worth $3,366. Nominate your most inspiring woman of the year on our Facebook App via the  link and share it on  Facebook for a chance to win.  All entries are to be accompanied with a write-up (less than 100 words) and a photo to be submitted on Parkway Parade’s website or Facebook by 28 February midnight. The top three entries will each be awarded Destinee 
Serendipity pendant with chain from Lee Hwa Jewellery worth $3,366. 
The final 3 nominees will also make a special appearance at Parkway 
Parade’s “Celebrating Women” event held on 8 March. 

8 Mar, 2014

You can sign up on the website and RSVP online at by Mar 2, 2014 to participate in the "Nails for a Cause" event in a bid to break the Guinness World Record happening on the day at Mar 8, 3 - 5PM.

All proceeds will go the Singapore Cancer Society who is a beneficiary of Cervical Cancer.

What is Nails for A Cause?
Get your nails done and make a difference to someone’s life today. In 
partnership with the Singapore Cancer Society, a beneficiary of cervical 
cancer, Parkway Parade aims to raise awareness and bring smiles to women 
everywhere by hosting the largest manicure event “Nails for A Cause” on 8th 
March, Saturday. All proceeds

15 Feb - 8 Mar

Parkway Parade shoppers now stand to win a 2D1N luxurious staycation, including a relaxing spa package at Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa, when they spend $50 in a single same-day receipt. Shoppers who make their purchase at beauty, wellness and fashion outlets will enjoy doubled chances. Limited to a maximum of 10 chances per shopper per day.

See you at Parkway!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Benzac 5-day blogger challenge (AD)


Hey all! If you follow my on Instagram, you would know that I was invited to participate in Benzac's 5-day blogger challenge which I was really excited about. 

My period came on Wednesday, 2 days before CNY. So, a week before this week, I broke out quite a bit on my face :'( which is something that really affects me because I've had flawless skin in secondary school, like I didn't have pimples at all back then and everyone was always jealous of how I had good complexion. I kinda took my 'good complexion' for granted until just last year, pimples kinda came and go quite frequently, especially around the time that I was going to have my mr monthly!!! This time, my breakouts were bad compared to others I've ever had. Now,  everyone's skin works differently so when I say I had a bad breakout, it may be just very minor for some other people who have acne and such. I'm thankful I don't have to deal with acne and severe pimples, I am. But it just affects my confidence whenever I have breakouts cos I don't wear heavy makeup to school anymore (just concealer under eyebags and filling in of brows) and sometimes concealer isn't enough to cover those NASTY PIMPLES!!! >:(

Ok back to Benzac, I was actually invited to one of the official press release of Benzac back in January but didn't attend it cos I had an interview to go for, so I didn't quite know what Benzac was. Early last week, I was invited again to the 5-day challenge whereby I had to use all Benzac products twice a day for a week to get rid of stubborn pimples. I was SUPER EXCITED to get invited cos, you know I've been using the same old pimple creams and facial foams for so long that I think my skin is immune to it, plus it was the perfect timing cos I had a bad breakout last week. When the products came, I immediately got so excited to try it. Before I show you the before/after photos and give you a review on what I feel about the product, let me guide you through what Benzac is all about.

Basically, Benzac is a skincare range recently launched by Galderma, targeting at treating adult/youth acne problems. The Benzac product range is a full set of treatment solutions that consist of three gels in different strengths and five cleansers that comes in scrub, liquid and foam forms.The Benzac cleansing range comes in a pimple gel, facial scrub, liquid and foam cleanser. For this challenge, I was given these 3 to use:

L-R: The Benzac facial scrub, Benzac AC5 pimple gel and the Benzac daily facial liquid cleanser

I started using the products on the morning of 27th January. I snapped pictures of my bare face before so that I could document the process. Here's what I did everyday:

1) Use the Benzac daily facial liquid cleanser twice a day, morning and night
2) After cleansing/washing my face, apply my own moisturizer and then applying the Benzac AC5 pimple gel to the affected areas
3) The Benzac facial scrub is like an exfoliator that is meant to be used only once-twice a week

Here are some before photos: 
*Do take note that I have not in any way edited the filter/lighting/brightness/contrast of the photos below AT ALL*
My forehead broke out with stubborn pimples that I couldn't get rid of despite using my pimple cream for so long.. they were stubborn pimples. They felt really bumpy and painful when touched, and they were always very red during the day. Had NO makeup on except my brows drawn. Everything else is removed. 

My left cheek broke out more then my right cheek. There were like 3 giant pimples >:/

My right cheek just had small little red bumps that were not visible from far but could be felt when touched. 

And so the journey begins!

Used the cleanser, pimple gel and scrub as directed!

This is how to use it.

 1. Firstly, wet the affected area. Gently rub on Benzac Daily Liquid Cleanser or Daily Foam Cleanser based on your skin type, work into a lather and leave in contact with skin for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. During the first few weeks of treatment a sudden increase in peeling may occur. This is not harmful and will normally subside within a day or two. Use a moisturizer after wash. Use twice a day.

2. Pimple is to be used around affected areas only. It is recommended to start with either Benzac 2.5/5 first for people with mild acne/pimples.

3. Scrub is to be used ONLY once or twice a week. I have to mention that I FREAKING LOVE THE SCRUB OK. IT'S DAMN AWESOME. There are little beady-beady thingys to get rid of dead skin and such and also it smells like MANGO. What amazes me most is after washing it, my skin feels as smooth as a baby's butt I'm not even lying!!! I want to use it everyday hahaha but sadly it isnt possible cos its only meant to be used once-twice a week. For me, I used it on Monday night and Wednesday night :)

I used all this for 5 days and I did notice a bit of peeling and redness after using the product. Because I have combination skin, my skin is usually dry at the forehead and cheek areas and oily on the nose. After using the products, my cheek and forehead became super dry so I had to moisturize it. However, I noticed my pimples going down by A LOT.. which was a really impressive thing cos one of my poly friends also said so, that she saw a difference in my left cheek which was quite bad a week before. I feel like the products do work and even though it dries my skin up, it really does get rid of the pimples. I have to moisturize my skin after every wash. However, I stopped using the pimple gel on Thursday night cos my pimples were already almost gone and I didn't want to dry my skin out! :)

This is the after:

Skin is a little bit dry, but apart from that, pimples reduced by a massive lot. There's a little bit of 'scar' cos I did squeeze and scratch them before using the products. Sorry, pardon my bare face haha I just washed my face then took these pics. 

With my make up, after 1 whole day, see how the concealer is able to cover up that one stubborn one? Hehehe! :D

As you can see, they visibly reduced in size!!!! So awesome cos I can apply makeup without those bumps, if you know what I mean. However, there's that one mark on my forehead cos I tried to scratch it off before. But I know it's going to fade away cos I can feel it.. hahaha! I'd definitely recommend Benzac to you if you're using facial products to get rid of pimples but aren't seeing results. Cos I can really see results on my face right now and I'm not saying it just cos it's sponsored. I want to be truthful and not lie, so I'm telling you that your skin WILL get dry and peel, so you really have to moisturize after every wash, but there IS RESULTS. And this is only after 5 days!!! 

If you're interested, here's the price range:

> Benzac Facial Scrub, 60ml, SGD 10.90

   Liquid Cleanser
> Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser, Normal to Sensitive Skin, 120ml, SGD 12.90
> Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser, Oily to Combination Skin, 120ml, SGD 12.90

    Foam Cleanser
> Benzac Daily Facial Foam Cleanser, Normal to Sensitive skin, 130ml,
SGD 10.90
> Benzac Daily Facial Foam Cleanser, Oily to Combination skin, 130ml,
SGD 14.90

Pimple Gel
Benzac AC Gel 2.5%, Mild Strength, 60g, SGD 16.50
Benzac AC Gel 5%, Moderate Strength, 60g, SGD 17.50
Benzac AC Gel 10%, High Strength, 60g, SGD 18.50

Benzac products are available in Guardian and Unity stores nationwide

You should definitely give Benzac a try cos it works, and I'll be using these products till they finish up and monitoring my progress subsequently! Thank you PR Publicist for letting me try out Benzac just in time for CNY! ^^ 

For any questions or enquiries on Benzac, you can drop a comment or question on my and I'll definitely try my best to answer them! I'll be truthful too, I promise! :)

That's all for my post today! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Happy Chinese New Year everybody! Have a great one! Gong Xi Fa Cai! New blog post tomorrow (I'll try my best) 

Good Luck!

Lots of

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello guys! I'm so sorry for the long hiatus! I've been having mid-semester tests (my common tests ended in December and here I am having more tests.. wtf)! This semester is crazy, but it is coming to an end soon! After CNY, it will be revision lectures then study break then exams! I want to elaborate and tell you guys more stuff about my personal life and studies but then again that is not what this post is for so you gotta wait till this weekend :P 

I finally found time today after school to ask my sister to spare me 10 minutes of her time to help me take these photos.. I HAD TO CHANGE IN PUBLIC HAHAH to get these photos cos I was too lazy to run upstairs. But of course I did it the clever way luh, I'm not that stupid to expose myself. Hahaha. So yep here you go! A list of where you guys can shop at to get new clothes for your wardrobe ^^


1) Ohmymess

I love this site because all their apparels are so affordable yet chic. Every collection is specially picked and is super super cute! The latest collection features this sunflower crop top which I really like :D I saw this on many blogshops but didn't want to buy it cos I was scared it wouldn't suit me cos of the loud prints. However, when I saw it on ohmymess, I decided to choose it because I wanted to try something new! AND I DON'T REGRET IT! :) I like how its cropped and made out of such good and thick material, I dont know what it's called but it feels like silk haha. I haven't worn this out yet but I am already planning to wear it to school tomorrow cos it's so cute and effortless. I for one am one person who loves crop tops so this definitely would be a staple in my wardrobe!

Get yours today! :)

2) RainbowSplat

RainbowSplat offers pre-order as well as instock apparels and accesories! In the last advertorial, they sponsored me 2 charm bracelets and a studded clutch! This time, they sponsored me these 2 caps which are sooo pretty! :) They have over 1000 varities of snapbacks available! Imagine I had to choose from so many.. but I narrowed it down to a floral obey one for myself and a blue supreme one for Dan especially since he loves wearing caps! They cost $16 for 1 and 2 for $30 with free normal postage currently. I don't usually wear caps but I would like to start trying and so thank you RainbowSplat for sponsoring me the caps because I can't wait to wear them out! ^^ I picked the obey floral one because if you know me well enough, I'm super girly and I LOVE floral prints! And it has glitter on it tooooo *_* the caps are snapbacks so they can all be adjusted according to the size of your head! :) I have quite a small head but the caps still fit me well. 

Do note that they have a physical outlet at Bugis as well so do remember to check our the store when you head there! 

3) Idemmoda

Idemmoda is a new online blogshop founded in January 2014! They offer super nice apparels that are of superb quality. When I saw this grey topshop inspired top, I knew I had to get it. The workmanship of the top is so good and it fits me so well. I don't have to accesorize this top at all as it already has the beads and jewels on it which instantly makes this top super formal already! I love the blue beads sewn onto the top as well and I know I can pair this top with a simple shorts or even a long maxi bodycon skirt which I will definitely do so! 

 I really like topshop and their clothes but its really too overpriced for me and I really cannot afford them. Idemmoda offers a few topshop inspired pieces which are made of good quality but yet you can get it at A FRACTION of topshop's prices! How awesome is that for those of you who have budgets like me!!!

Idemmoda has a membership scheme whereby:

  • A membership code will be given to you when you purchase with us the first time via email
  • Your Membership id will be your email.
  • For every $20 spend, you will receive 1 IMPoint
  • Idempoints can be used to offset postage charges or discount on certain apparels or accessories
They have currently released their second collection which happens to be their CNY collection! They offer free homemade pineapple tarts and FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP when you spend $50 and above!!!!!!! How good is that? Thank you for this top Idemmoda, I LOVE IT TO BITSSSSS :D

4) Berrylovetoshop

I love Berrylovetoshop! They offer super affordable clothing that are all so pretty! *_* When the owner asked me if I would be interested in this floral romper I immediately said yet! I love rompers and floral prints so this literally made the perfect combination. Its super comfy and stretchy so it'll definitely fit you even if you are slightly bigger! I love how the prints also make me look so girly! I'm sorry for the slightly blurry pics. The wind was so strong so it kept lifting the skirt up. However, it is a romper so I didn't have to worry about exposing anything :P 

You should check out Berrylovetoshop not only because of its awesome clothing, but also because of the awesome owner! She's very polite and provides super efficient service. So do remember to check them out today!!! 

That's all for today guys! I'll be back again.. SOOOOON! Love you all! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just wanna drop a quick note to my readers and sponsors! 

I was really busy this weekend so I had no time to blog and do up the advertorials but I will be free after this week (22nd jan) after my test and will do up a proper and exciting post for you I promise!

Thank you for being so patient with me!